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As geographers, planners, environmental study-ers, and GIS experts, we engage with the 'real world'. So the Department of Geography, Planning & Sustainability encourages students to study abroad and experience a totally new culture as part of their time at Rowan.

Your first stop is the Rowan Education Abroad office. They have the full listing of eligible study abroad programs for Rowan students. You'll also work with them to apply to programs, complete all the necessary forms for transfer credits, and so on. 

While there are many great study abroad options available for GPS students, we'd like to draw your attention to some that we think are especially interesting and relevant for students in our programs.

Though it can seem intimidating to go abroad for part of your college education, remember that it is an investment in yourself, your education, and your understanding of the world. In short, it's worth every penny (and most programs have financial aid!)


Sea Semester

(from their website) The global ocean covers nearly three-quarters of Earth, yet 90% is largely unexplored. It provides half of the oxygen in the atmosphere, regulates the planet’s climate, and delivers food security for the world’s population. However, threats such as climate change, marine pollution, habitat loss, and overfishing jeopardize its health and sustainability.

Humans depend upon the ocean. The future of the ocean depends upon you.

SEA Semester provides an experiential opportunity to gather firsthand knowledge that will influence students’ lifelong relationships with the ocean. As our society becomes more aware of how integral the oceans are to the planet, from climate patterns to energy production to the origins of life itself, we must also understand how to conserve these important resources. Moving beyond the textbook toward practical application, hands-on research, and personal experience, SEA Semester prepares students to take a more active role in solving today’s environmental problems.


DIS - Study Abroad in Scandinavia

Rowan now has an agreement with DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia, which has offered American university students opportunities to live and study in Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden since the 1960s. We are only the second school in New Jersey, public or private, to have such an agreement (the other is Ramapo College).
DIS has a wide range of study opportunities across the physical sciences, social sciences, humanities, and design fields. Several study areas may be of special interest to students in our department:
Being a program in Scandinavia naturally there is also a course in furniture design. DIS programs are unique in that students choose a ‘base’ in either Copenhagen or Stockholm and then have included as part of their program travel to fascinating field sites such as Greenland, the carbon-neutral Danish island of Samsø, and other sites of ecological and/or cultural significance in Europe. DIS offers fall semester, spring semester, and summer programs and does have some opportunities for financial aid. 
Learn more about DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia on their website.