The Department of Geography, Planning & Sustainability


Founded in 1972, the Rowan Department of Geography, Planning & Sustainability has been a Rowan nexus for outstanding education, scholarly activities and community outreach. Our accomplishments were set in motion by the founding chair, Dr. Marvin Creamer who was himself passionate about geography education. Dr. Creamer went on to gain international notoriety after his 1984 retirement from Rowan as the first documented person in history to captain a sailboat in a circumnavigation of the globe without navigational instruments. It is that same spirit of exploration and adventure that guides us today, as evident through our legacy of students leading the way in their careers and faculty pushing the boundaries of knowledge about the world.

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Our Focus

The Deptartment of Geography, Planning & Sustainability is focused on understanding our planet. Our work is focused on sustainability, broadly defined, and addressing the environmental concerns that face our planet in the 21st century. Our professors and classes bring a unique approach to environmental problem-solving, that pulls together the most useful tools from wherever they are found. As such, we have strong collaborative ties with other departments at Rowan, as well as planners, environmental practitioners, non-profit organizations, and universities around the world.