Academic Programs

Academic Programs

Academic Programs

The Department of Geography, Planning & Sustainability offers several major, minor, and certificate programs that integrate both the theory and practice of environmental problem-solving. Our programs blend academic understanding with applied tools to help students develop solutions to environmental issues while developing strong critical thinking, writing, and project management skills. Our programs are designed to integrate with one another in a way that allows students to customize their education around particular interests and career goals.

The table below has information for all of our programs. Click the name of the program for more information about it, and use the links under the 'Major', 'Minor', and 'Certificate' columns to access the most recent guide to program requirements.

Program Name Major Minor Certificate (CUGS)
Environmental & Sustainability Studies

BA - ESS (if you declared before Fall 2018)

BA - ESS (if you declared Fall 2018 or later)

BA/MBA Joint Program

Minor - ESS

CUGS - Environmental Policy & Economics

CUGS - Environmental Humanities

Community & Environmental Planning BS - CEP Minor - CEP CUGS - Sustainable Urbanism
Geographic Information Science BS - GIS Minor - GIS CUGS - Geographic Information Systems and Science
Geography BA - GEOG Minor - GEOG  
Urban and Regional Planning MS - URP    
Geoscience   Minor - Geoscience  
Sustainable Built Environments   Minor - Sustainable Built Environments  
Global Issues   Minor - Global Issues  
Applied Geographic Knowledge and Skills   Minor - Applied Geographic Knowledge  
Geographic Education Dual Major - Geography & Education    

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