Geospatial Science and Methods COGS

Geospatial Science and Methods COGS

Geospatial Science and Methods Graduate Certificate

Program Guide

Geospatial and mapping technologies are integral to many modern scientific, commercial, and academic activities and draw on the long history of cartographic and data visualization. This COGS in Geospatial Science and Methods provides an introduction to how information becomes data that can be presented visually in the form of a map, to communicate to an audience, yield new analytical insights, or present patterns and relationships unavailable in other forms and continues to advanced analytical modes using various spatial data types. This Certificate of Graduate Study (COGS) in Geospatial Science and Methods is intended to expose students with previous undergraduate experience in disciplines such as engineering, disaster management and emergency preparedness, public health, business, social sciences, communication, the natural and environmental sciences, and education to key concepts, practices, and techniques in GIS and their application to geospatial/environmental problems. With three required courses, students can demonstrate their competence and familiarity with key spatial data preparation, analysis, and visualization techniques that may complement and enhance preparedness for a wide variety of occupations and disciplines. This COGS is specifically targeted toward students who do not yet have a background in geospatial methods, such as those coming from Engineering, Planning, Biosciences, Humanities, or other disciplines, but it could complement the previous experience of students who had taken some coursework in Geography and GIS (especially by focusing on advanced courses in the choice bank).  With this program, students from across the university can integrate geospatial data and methods into their chosen graduate curriculum.


Certificate of Graduate Study in Geospatial Science and Methods 10 s.h.

  Course Number Course Title Semester Taken S.H.
1 GEOG16.560 Digital Earth: Mapping and Geographic Information Science
(formerly Introduction to Mapping and Geographic Information Science)
  3 s.h.
2 GEOG31.660 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems   4 s.h.

Geospatial Bank Foundational Course (choose from bank below)

3 s.h.
Total 10 s.h.

In consultation with an advisor, students choose one of the courses in the Foundational section of the Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment Geospatial Bank courses (3 s.h.), for example:

  • GEOG16.561 - Cartography
  • GEOG16.562 - Web Based GIS Mapping
  • GEOG16.661 - Geovisualization
  • GEOG16.670 - Drones, Planes, and Satellites
  • GEOG16.665 - Geospatial Measurement and Environmental Modeling
  • GEOG16.575 - Remote Sensing of the Environment
  • GEOG16.565 - GIS Topics and Applications (graduate level)

With advisor consultation and approval, a substitution of additional bank courses may be used in place of above required courses, based on student experience and program goals.

To be awarded the COGS, students must complete all courses required for the COGSwith at least a 2.0 average. This COGS is not restricted by graduate program of study.