A Tribute To Dr. Marvin Creamer

A Tribute To Dr. Marvin Creamer

Honoring A Man Who Defined The Spirit of Geography

Dr. Creamer sitting at a table with a world map for an interviewA Tribute to Dr. Marvin Creamer by Francesca Mundrick, Adjunct Professor

Dr. Marvin Creamer is the founder of the Rowan University Department of Geography, Planning, & Sustainability. As a recently retired Rowan Geography Professor at age 75, Dr. Marvin Creamer set forth on a lifelong dream to circumnavigate the world by sea without any modern tools or technologies. Dr. Marvin Creamer utilized only his knowledge of physical geography to successfully lead a small crew aboard the Globe Star on a now famed voyage around the world. Dr. Marvin Creamer is beloved by the Rowan Geography community and has inspired generations of students, colleagues, and friends! 

A map outlining Marvin Creamer's route on his voyageTo love geography is to love adventure, exploration, and knowledge. Dr. Marvin Creamer emcompasses the true spirit of Geography. He represents the achievement of daring dreams and seemingly impossible goals that live within all of us. Dr. Marvin Creamer proves to us that the knowledge and skills acquired from the study of geography can connect us to the exciting global community. As an educator, Dr. Creamer holds a special place in my heart as he sets a profound precedent of success, leadership, and ambition in the academic field of Geography. A true visionary, Dr. Creamer sets a unique example by showcasing the importance of geographic learning for educators and students at all academic levels. This exciting tale of the high seas inspires a dedication to geographic knowledge and illustrates the importance of connecting to the world around us. 

Rowan GPS Student Tributes to Dr. Marvin Creamer

In remembrance and continuation of Dr. Marvin Creamer’s incredible legacy, students of this generation share their condolences with the Creamer family and provide their personal thoughts on his inspiring journey. 

  • Marisa Caccese, Rowan University, Fall 2020, Earth Science. Hearing Dr. Marvin Creamer's story was very inspirational.  When hearing his voyage, I was so shocked that he travelled to many different places and did this all without any instruments to help him find his way. I am so happy that I got to learn about him and his journey.  He will be missed.   
  • Sarah Sheppard, Rowan University, Fall 2020, Earth Science and EPE. Dr. Creamer is an amazing role model for us all. He shows us to dream big and live out our dreams. His bravery and determination is inspiring. His story will live on forever and he will never be forgotten. Condolences to the Creamer family.
  • Erin Steckler, Rowan University, Fall 2020, Earth Science. Dr. Marvin Creamer was an inspiration as a global traveler. He had a dream to travel around the world without any navigational aid, and he made that happen! Dr. Creamer had a passion for travel and a passion for the Earth. My prayers go to the Creamer family. 
  • Taylor Raucci, Rowan University, Fall 2020, Earth Science. Dr. Marvin Creamer inspired many individuals around him, including students who attend Rowan University. When learning about his voyage the first week of classes, I was amazed by all that he did without the use of technology. He was a determined man and reached his goals with any hesitation. He will forever be remembered for his bravery and achievements. My condolences to the Creamer family.
  • Eduardo Saba, Rowan University, Fall 2020, Earth Science and Geo-NJ. The legacy that Dr. Marvin Creamer's leave for current generations will last forever, because his voyage, besides being inspirational, was a demonstration of Geography Knowledge, and  that without technology we can do the inimaginable, that the world was explored without the technology help, as he did it. Today technology covers all aspects of our world, he explores  most of the ocean`s world without it.Dr. Creamer determination and courage together with the boat crews, will last always forever not just on the wall of our Faculty(GPS) also will last on our hearts. 
  • Ben Stephens, Rowan University, Fall 2020, Earth Science. Dr. Marvin Creamer’s journey is inspiring. It shows us that with determination and perseverance we can do anything we set our minds to. Dr. Creamer’s voyage was one that many thought could not be done. It takes a lot of courage to take such a perilous journey. However, because of his extensive geographic knowledge, Dr. Creamer was able to complete his journey, making him a pioneer in the field of geography, and an inspiration to many. My condolences to the Creamer family.
  • Michael Dorrer, Rowan University, Fall 2020, Earth, People, & Environment. Dr Marvin Creamer’s journey and legacy inspired me to learn more about the planet. Hearing about his journey showed me the different wonders of the natural world, giving me a new appreciation for geography. Dr Creamer may be gone, but he will not be forgotten.
  • Ariana Guuido, Rowan University, Fall 2020, Earth Science. Dr.  Marvin Creamer's journey was truly inspiring. Learning about all of the different places he traveled without any instruments was very shocking to me because I have never heard of anyone being able to do that before. His legacy will live on forever, especially here at Rowan. My condolences to the Creamer family.    
  • Gabriella Lugo, Rowan University, Spring 2021, Earth Science. Dr. Marvin Creamer’s journey was something that is not a small feat. His journey showed that with knowledge and determination anything is possible. As long as we put our minds to it we can accomplish anything, even the things that others may deem impossible. The legacy he created will be something that is remembered forever.
  • Ashley Dektor, Rowan University at Burlington County College, Spring 2021, Earth Science. When reading about Dr. Creamer’s experience with geography and his accomplishments as both a professor and researcher I mostly admired his passion for something greater than his day to day life. Seeing that he actively took control over his dream and made it reality to test sea navigation with only the tools mother nature has provided was inspiring and brave. He will leave behind a legacy and wealth of knowledge to many generations to come!
  • Emilie Reustle, Rowan University at Burlington County College, Spring 2021, Earth Science. Dr. Creamer’s ability to travel and sail the world gave me so much interest in wanting to travel the world more! His storyline literally gave me the chills because how can one do something like that. He was such a brave, intelligent man who had the greatest passion for science. Rest in peace Dr. Creamer. You will never be forgotten. 
  • Michael Manganella, Rowan University Spring 2021, Principles of Earth Science. What I found most interesting was how he was able to travel a variety of different places with limited technology during his time of travel. It is proof that if you have the heart and desire to do something you can do it. His journey will not be forgotten at Rowan university, my condolences to his whole family. 
  • Eugene Binkowski, Rowan University, Spring 2021, Principles of Earth Science. His story proved to be quite the inspiration for not only students at a mere university, but for everyone of the world. It was interesting to hear about his story and how he traveled the globe without using modern technology such as a compass, or a sextant. His legacy will forever be remembered in the world of geography. I’m honored to have attended the same university in which he taught at. 
  • Jacob Wimberg, Rowan University, Spring 2021, Principles of Earth Science. Dr. Marvin  Creamer’s story impacted me by allowing me to see an example of someone from my own school that was able to fulfill their lifelong dream and leave a legacy to be proud of. The ability to travel all over the world without the use of modern technology is truly a feat only a few can say they are capable of accomplishing.
  • Nick DiCriscio, Rowan University, Spring 2021, Earth, Land and Sea. Although I never met him, Marvin Creamer seemed like an amazing person. I think it is truly inspiring how he decided to circumnavigate the earth with minimal technology. His lust for adventure and strong will to accomplish his goals impacted me in a way that makes me feel like almost anything is possible. His name will not be forgotten, rest in peace.