The Blanche Creamer Scholarship

The Blanche Creamer Scholarship


About the Marvin and Blanche Creamer Scholarship

Dr. Marvin Creamer has inspired students for over 70 years. He founded the department of Geography & Environment at Rowan University and epitomizes the consummate educator by sharing his comprehensive knowledge of geography and communicating it with precision and excitement.

However, Marvin's greatest lesson is how to live life to its fullest. How to dream, how to prepare, how to understand the planet in all its beautiful and dangerous details. And then how to chart a course forward into that world using that knowledge, with both courage and an adventurous attitude.

The Marvin and Blanche Creamer Scholarship Fund is the vessel through which Marvin's gift as an educator and human being will continue to inspire students for generations to come. The recipient of the annual award will not only demonstrate good grades, as in most scholarships, but will also share the character and attitude of Dr. Creamer: intellectual curiosity and spirit of adventure. The award will go to a single graduating senior within the department who best personifies these ideals.

Funding a Scholarship in some ways is like Marvin's voyage. It will take effort, time, patience, many volunteers and good luck with the winds blowing in the right direction.

Please consider helping to fill the sails of the Marvin and Blanche Creamer Scholarship with your tax deductible donation of any amount.