Community & Environmental Planning

Community & Environmental Planning

Community & Environmental Planning

The Bachelor of Science in Community & Environmental Planning is a professional degree program that prepares students for positions in local, state, and federal agencies, private companies, planning departments, engineering firms, as well as graduate school programs in planning. The program introduces students to the diversity of the planning profession while providing an understanding of the broader purpose of planning, and the opportunity to focus on practice and application through research and studio credits. Students will gain exposure to the wide array of potential career opportunities within this field through the diverse experience of the full and part time faculty members employed within the discipline. The planning curriculum at Rowan has a special focus on sustainable community design, land conservation, food systems and the specific planning practices and challenges of the region.

Download the current program guide for the Bachelor of Science in Community & Environmental Planning here.

Why consider planning as a major?

Urban and regional planners directly influence how cities and towns form and continue to develop. They work with the public to determine the best uses for valuable land how to effectively connect citizens with the necessary resources for daily life. The discipline of planning is inclusive of a wide range of topics including land use decisions, development patterns, urban and community design, environmental conservation and protection, transportation, infrastructure, public welfare and many other topics concerned with the interaction of humans and the environment. The current focus within the field, and the program at Rowan, is how planners can shape future and current communities following principles of smart growth, sustainability and equitable design.

What are some possible career paths for someone with a planning background?

  • City, County, or State Planner
  • Transportation Planner
  • Environmental Planner
    Zoning Administrator
  • Community Development Director
  • Urban Development Specialist
  • Nonprofit Advocate

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