Students & Alumni

Students & Alumni

Get involved with Geography, Planning, and Sustainability

Join the Geography Club to get involved with interesting geography enthusiats at Rowan University. The club often organizes adventurous hikes and walks around the region. Anyone interested in joining should contact Rich Federman.

Student Work

One of the key components that our students expect to gain from Rowan University is the opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real world. In honor of this effort, the department would like to showcase some of their excellent work found here.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

The Department would like to congratulate our Class of 2020. There are over 50 students graduating this spring and we are very proud of this dynamic group of young geographers and environmentalists!

From our four degree programs we have: 


  • Ashton, Christina
  • Barone, Michael
  • Czekalski, Rachael
  • Emmons, Colby Wayne
  • Helmstetter, Kyle William
  • Moreno, Yazmin Milenna
  • Patton, David
  • Rickabaugh, Cheyenne
  • Seay, Jared Keith
  • Sigars, Mariah Nicole
  • Vinciguerra, Jason


  • Barone, Michael
  • Bassi, Devin
  • Briggs, Erica
  • Cruz-Gallo, Carlos Roberto
  • Fritz, Matthew
  • Sepulveda, Maria
  • Sharp, Jonathan
  • Veale, Noah
  • Wallace, Kristina B


  • Abd, Justin Joseph
  • Amir, Elana 
  • Barone, Michael 
  • Bennett, Aaron Joseph
  • Cressman, Nicholas H.
  • Cruz-Gallo, Carlos Roberto
  • Helmstetter, Kyle William
  • Hentz, Nicholas Patrick
  • Lynch, Jacob 
  • Moreno, Yazmin Milenna
  • Moulton, Devon 
  • Robinson, James Trevor
  • Sepulveda, Maria 
  • Williams, Dylan 


  • Alexander, Kevin
  • Baralus, Alexander
  • Bennett, Aaron Joseph
  • Bruschini, Cameron John
  • Chenkin, Nathan Benjamin
  • Corwonski, Nicholas Dante
  • Dutch, Alexandra Shea
  • Evans, Stephanie Elise
  • Finn, Savannah G
  • Forte, Francis
  • Gardner, Nathan Jared
  • Indelicato, Alyssa
  • Jesionka, Michael
  • Koziol, David Eugene
  • Lebron, Victor
  • Maccarella, Nicholas
  • Maguire, Madeline Kathryn
  • McLaughlin, Kristen Elizabeth
  • Meise, Keith
  • Melillo, Taylor
  • Nichols, Kenneth
  • Santiago, Lino E
  • Steele, Brody David
  • Veale, Noah
  • White, Aoife Lillian
  • Whitten, Kasey

Congratulations to all students on the wonderful achievement of graduation. We thank you for contributing to the success of our department and encourage you to continue living our motto: to understand the world, protect the environment and create a sustainable future. 

Awards & Honors

The department would also like to congratulate the following 2020 award winners:

Dean’s Senior Recognition Award - Jonathon Sharp

Environmental Studies Medallion - Stephanie Evans

Geographic Information Science Medallion - Kristina Wallace

DVGA Outstanding Seniors

  • Geography - Brittany Sandy
  • Geographic Information Science - Devin Bassi
  • Community and Environmental Planning - Nick Cressman
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies - Gina Yaroli

Livingston Award - Eliana Moorer

Gregg Kaulfers Award - Jared Seay

Marvin Creamer Award - Elly Thomas

2021 Gamma Theta Upsilon Inductees

  • Ross Billig
  • Taryn Brickner
  • Gabrielle Davis
  • Christina Holt
  • Madison Kerr
  • Kymonie Thomas-Nagil

Alumni Profiles

Our Geography and Environmental Studies graduates are employed in a variety of exciting professions throughout the country. Below are just a few examples of our successful alumni:

  • Tim Brill works for the Department of environmental protection, where he uses geographical information systems to help identify farm parcels that are best suited for preservation under the State of New Jersey's farmland preservation program.
  • Professor Kenneth Lacovara is the Founding Dean of the School of Earth & Environment at Rowan University. For his research, he travels the world in search of dinosaur fossils. His work has taken him to Egypt, China, and Argentina. He is noted for having found the second largest dinosaur ever discovered.
  • Kara Jo Witkowski is a marketing manager for ALK Associates, a company that produces software that aids trucking companies in finding the shortest, most fuel-efficient routes for use in delivering their shipments.
  • Andy Rosen is president of a company that does market research and data tabulation. For his hobby, he travels the world in search of the ideal site for scuba diving.
  • Don Evans spends his days working to ensure that our children and we will live in a world with cleaner air and cleaner water.