Greetings from the Dean

Rowan University’s School of Earth & Environment was created in 2015 to provide students with pathways into some of the most exciting and important careers in the modern workforce, to gather outstanding faculty who are globally recognized leaders in their fields, and to welcome non-academics into our community.

Come explore with us, in the School of Earth & Environment.

Kenneth Lacovara, Ph.D.

Founding Dean

School mission

Understanding the interactions between Earth systems, life on Earth, and human society is essential to a flourishing future for all of humanity. The School of Earth & Environment at Rowan University contributes to society in three key ways:

  1. Our teaching and mentoring creates pathways for our students and trainees to join the modern workforce.
  2. Our research improves our understanding of the Earth, the environment, and human-environment interactions; informs decision-making; and prepares future scholars to create knowledge.
  3. Our outreach welcomes everyone to be a part of the School community.
Since its founding in 2015, the school has grown from one to three departments; recruited numerous faculty, students, and staff; and established a range of new programs. We will continue to prioritize the three elements of our mission as we further expand our personnel, develop our graduate programs, and make progress in new arenas. Stay in touch with us as we evolve! 

We value individuals

A diverse workforce is needed to address the environmental challenges that confront humanity.  Thus, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are essential to achieve our mission. By creating an environment in the School that encourages students to bring their whole identity into learning, we help students thrive as they advance their careers and work toward our shared goals.