Welcome to the School of Earth & Environment

Rowan University’s School of Earth & Environment was created in 2015 to provide students with pathways into some of the most exciting and important careers in the modern workforce, to gather outstanding faculty who are globally recognized leaders in their fields, and to welcome non-academics into our community.

Come explore with us, in the School of Earth & Environment.


School mission

The School of Earth & Environment is dedicated to seeking solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems while providing opportunities for our students to become part of the solution and advance their careers in growing fields. The School is dedicated to disseminating information about our planet through teaching and publishing while catalyzing change towards a more sustainable future.

The school is organized around key topics:

1) The Climate Crisis

2) The Biodiversity Crisis

3) The challenges of urbanization & regenerative growth

4) Big Picture perspective—using both deep time and deep space to contextualize our present and inform our choices

We value individuals

A diverse workforce is needed to address the environmental challenges that confront humanity.  Thus, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging are essential to achieve our mission. By creating an environment in the School that encourages students to bring their whole identity into learning, we help students thrive as they advance their careers and work toward our shared goals.