TerrSet Installation

TerrSet Installation

TerrSet Installation Instructions

Download the application file for TerrSet if you have not already.

Download TerrSet

During TerrSet installation, some users may receive a Windows error related to Remote Registry. If you get this error, you can try to click no to all.

If that does launch the InstallAware Wizard, set the Remote Registry Startup Type to Automatic. To do this, click the Windows button at the bottom left, type "run" and hit enter. Then type "services.msc" and hit enter again. Scroll down to "Remote Registry" and double click it. Make sure the startup type is set to "Automatic."

Once the InstallAware Wizard launches, click through the prompts accepting the defaults. When it completes, click finish with "Run TerrSet now" checked off. Close out of this next window.

Open up your File Explorer. At the top, type "\\compass01\idrisi" and hit enter. You may need to log in using your Rowan credentials. Make sure you type "rowanads\username" for your username. (do not type "username" where it says username). Look for the file called "floatpath." Copy this file.

Now navigate to your local TerrSet License folder. This should be at "C:\Program Files (x86)\TerrSet\License." Paste the floatpath file into this folder. 

It may take a minute, but that should do it. Open TerrSet.