Academic Programs

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Academic Programs

Department of Environmental Science

Environmental scientists are on the front line of documenting environment change and developing solutions to modern problems that impact everyone on Earth. Rowan University's Environmental Science programs prepare students to be leaders for positive change.

Environmental Science is one of the fastest-growing career fields and job prospects are excellent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017), environmental science jobs are growing by 11% every year. Median pay is almost $70,000 a year.

Students who join Rowan's Environmental Science programs change the world as they build their better future.

Environmental Science majors engage with relevant experiences and coursework every year they are at Rowan. This ensures that BS and BA students integrate the foundations of biology, chemistry, physics, and other core STEM disciplines with their understanding of environmental issues as they progress through their major.  In addition to engaging classroom experiences, students will participate in regular field trips to experience ecosystems hands-on, and will work with researchers in the field to gain real-world experience before they leave Rowan University.