Environmental Science

Environmental Science

The Department of Environmental Science

The Department of Environmental Science (EVSC) focuses on:

  • education, to train future scientists and make environmental literacy a part of a liberal arts education at Rowan University
  • research, to expand what we know about the world we live in
  • communication, so our scientific advances are accessible to everyone
  • science application, to aid society in addressing and adapting to critical problems

Statement of Welcome
We are committed to working with students from all backgrounds and fostering a learning environment that reduces or removes barriers that unequally impact students.

Undergraduate students can earn a BS in Environmental Science or a BA in Environmental Science with the Department. Students interested in research internships or work study opportunities should contact Environmental Science faculty directly to inquire about openings. Graduate programs are expected to begin in the next few years.

For more information about Environmental Science or its future expansion, please contact us! General questions can be sent to environmentalscience@rowan.edu. More specific questions can be answered by Environmental Science’s Founding Chair Dr. Beth Christensen at christensenb@rowan.edu.