Undergraduate Degrees and Programs:

  • BS in Geology with Concentrations in
    • General Geoscience
    • Applied Geology
    • Paleontology
    • Global Climate Change

Combined Undergraduate / Graduate Programs:

4+1 BA in Geology + MA in STEM Education

Graduate Degrees:

PhD in Geology (Currently under implementation with the first entering class estimated Fall 2022.)

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Geology and the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Geology are physical science majors composed of foundation courses in science and mathematics; core courses in geology; and upper-level geoscience electives. Both the BA and BS programs are designed to prepare students to enter the geoscience workforce in consulting firms or government agencies; pursue professional studies; or undertake advanced graduate studies in geoscience disciplines. Students in the BS in Geology program will concentrate in one of four tracks designed to fit the academic and career aspirations of individual students: general geosciences, applied geology, global climate change and paleontology. The BS in Geology with the applied geology track is designed to provide students with the background necessary to pass the Professional Geologist (PG) exam. Students who pursue a BA in Geology have greater flexibility to take electives in environmental science, geography, social sciences, and other disciplines.

Hands-on, applied learning and research experiences are an integral component of a degree from the Department of Geology. Fieldwork in particular lies at the core of the study of geology, and field experiences are integral to the Rowan Geology curriculum. The Jean and Ric Edelman Fossil Park provides a world-class environment for field experience and is deeply integrated in many aspects of the Department of Geology curriculum. Additional applied learning experiences include summer field programs, internships, and independent student-led research in close mentorship with faculty in Rowan Geology and the School of Earth and Environment. This direct and emphasized exposure to field and applied research in the Department of Geology programs enables students to become more proficient scientists and global citizens.