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Welcome to the Rowan Solid Waste Lab!

The Rowan Solid Waste Lab (RSWL) highlights research projects examining solid waste management from multiple perspectives. Focused mostly on the state of New Jersey, RSWL draws from Environmental Studies, Policy Studies, History, the physical sciences, Economics, Anthropology, Sociology, Engineering, the arts, and the humanities to ask and answer questions about waste management.

Our work is focused in three major areas:

Policy Studies

The core function of the RSWL is to critically evaluate solid waste management plans and programs. The RSWL also evaluates plans for individual waste management projects and the operations of institutions like universities, hospital systems, and event venues (sports stadiums, concert halls, festivals, etc.).

Data Analysis, Visualization, and Map Development

RSWL produces a wide range of data visualizations and maps. Quality graphics are a powerful, intuitive, and efficient way of clarifying and conveying complex information about the solid waste management systems that we encounter daily. We also work closely with the NJ MAP project and in particular, the Waste Mapper theme.

Environmental Histories of Solid Waste Management

How can we understand what to do now without first understanding what's been done in the past? The RSWL strives to contextualize contemporary developments in solid waste management with historical regional, national, and international trends.